Paintball is an indoor and/or outdoor sport without physical contact. It's based on simple games such as capturing a fort, tag, hide and seek, etc., with the difference that this game was developed for adults.

The aim of this adventure and action game is to put the opponent sidelined with paintballs. The player who has been hit by an enemy paintball has to leave the game, but may play again immediately in the next game. Two teams fight each other within a certain period of time according to a certain pattern of games such as capturing the flag in the other camp while defending its own flag (this is just one of many possible game situations).

Obviously there will be experienced marshals (supervisors) present to monitor the game and safety rules and to keep the score.

Paintball contains both competitive and creative elements.


Paintball can be played by anyone; male and female, young and old.
You can book a package for any occasion. This could be a staff party, a teambuilding activity, a trip with friends, a sports day, last 100 days, family celebrations or bachelor parties.

The minimum age is 10 years. Please note that teenagers under 18 unaccompanied by an adult are required to bring a written consent of a parent! You can obtain and print this form here. Adults have to bring the Safeguard Form.


- Identity Card (everyone)
- sporty clothes (may become dirty)
- sturdy shoes (may become dirty)
- eventually shower necessities (if indoor)
- minors: authorization from a parent or tutor
- to save time, you can already fill in the Safeguard Form in advance (recommended for large groups)
- and last but not least ... a good mood!

We don't have Bancontact / Mister Cash, please provide cash!


You can play every day, but only on reservation.

Every day from 8 am to 12 pm, last group starts at 9 pm. Exceptions are possible on request!
Duration of a game: 2 to 2.5 hours.


Full day: from 10 am to 5 pm (standard). These hours can be adjusted on demand during daylight hours. Half day: 4 hours at choice.

IMPORTANT: Please be present 15 minutes in advance.


Each player receives a quality eguipment. 

This includes a semi-automatic paintball merker (Tippmann 98 Custom), a mask (V-Force Vantage), a coverall and headprotection.

Each team has his own color of coverall, headprotection and protective mask , so you can easily recognize your opponent.

We use paintballs of the brand Draxxus / DXS

Capture the flag