Our indoor in Merchtem has 3 playing areas, 2 normal fields and 1 field specially for the Kids-Paintball, together with a total surface of ​​4,500 sqm. This gives us the capacity to let 100 people play at the same time. The minimum amount of players is 6, on Saturdays this number increases to 8 players per group. ATTENTION: with Kids-Paintball minimum 10 participants. We NEVER mix groups. In an indoor paintball session you don't depend on the weather!
Adult paintball
Youth paintball
Woman paintball
Kids paintball

In the cafeteria you can go for our wide range of drinks or a small snack during registration, or to catch up after the game.

National Paintball Games

is located near the center of Merchtem in an old textile factory Staels and easily accessible by public transport with direct lines between Brussels & Dendermonde. The bus stop is at 100 meters and the railstation is 1,5 km away. 

Do you want to eat something after the paintball session? You can enjoy a delicious BBQ on order. See here our BBQ menu, available from 14 people. Or you can also visit one of the many brasseries/restaurants near our indoor location. You can consult our pdf here.


Gasthuisstraat 45
1785 Merchtem
Indoor Merchtem
Indoor Merchtem